Walking a Mile in my Shoes

Sarah Kichikova

Posted on April 10 2020

Your life is full of relationships, adventures, challenges, victories and events that shape who you are. Your loved ones and future generations want to know what it is like to be you, your insights and observations, the lessons you’ve learned along the way. Everyone has a unique and individual story to tell about how they experience the world.


As a young girl growing up in Bulgaria, we didn’t have much.  Bulgaria was annexed by Russia after World War II along with many other eastern European countries which became part of the Soviet empire.  For the first 11 years of my life, I lived under communism and experienced all the social control and privation commonly associated with it.  When the Iron Curtain of communism was finally lifted in my country in 1990, things began to slowly feel different.  But ultimately when people are used to living in a state where they are not free, it takes time to be able to loosen up.  Life continued to be hard with not a lot to look forward to.


I started working out and getting in good physical shape which made me feel really good about myself.  I also tried to dress in ways that expressed my sense of style and made a statement to everyone around me.  

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