About us


Home – “A place where you live and feel most comfortable and wanted.”

My shoes feel like home.

I’ve been trying to capture that feeling for most of my life; that feeling you get when you’re in the exact right place, when everything fits perfectly.

When I came to America, I saw the possibilities of style were endless. I was finding my way in a land of opportunity; searching for what really mattered to me and how to express myself.

But all the while, I kept searching, – which led me to my line of shoes. 





I think that more than any other article of clothing, shoes can project your sense of personal style. A certain pair of shoes can change your look dramatically no matter what else you might be wearing.  If you’re dressed to kill, the shoes are the finishing touch.  If you’re more on the casual side, shoes can dress you up or dress you down to complement or contrast.  

Like many women, I have way too many shoes!  But sometimes you just need that perfect pair to match your mood or the style or message you’re trying to project through what you’re wearing.



 My shoes are made from only the finest imported Italian leather and hand made by artisans, who have been making shoes in their family for generations. You’ll notice the quality and attention to detail the minute you take them out of the box.

Each pair has its own tale to tell but will fit comfortably into your home and life story.  I love them all!